Hi, my name is Ashley, and I am a blog-aholic. I hail from the lovely state of South Carolina (The Palmetto State -> The Palmetto Girl), and currently live in Raleigh, NC. I’m also a:

  • self-proclaimed nerd
    • tv + movies + selected video games
  • avid reader
    • novels + graphic novels + comic books + cookbooks
  • dedicated family woman
    • wife + sister + daughter + aunt
  • lover of animals
    • dog = Duchess
    • cat = Lady
  • aspiring travel enthusiast
  • struggling fashionista
  • occasional knitter

Here I’ll attempt to provide an average-Jane perspective on my hobbies:

  • stuff I’m watching
  • books I’m reading
  • places I’m going,
  • fashion and makeup trends I’m exploring,
  • food that I’m cooking / baking
  • things that I’m making
  • home decorating

… pretty much I’ll just document my journey through adulthood (yes, I’m in my late twenties and still figuring it all out). I hope that you enjoy!


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