Chapter 3: Coming soon to a closet near you

Y’all, I am so excited. I have an awesome post coming up for you, even though it’s going to challenge my indecisive mind to carry it out. Are you ready for this? Drumroll, please!


I have decided to do a capsule wardrobe for the 2015 winter season, and I am pumped about the possibilities.

What’s a capsule wardrobe, you ask? Let me tell you all about it with a handy, dandy list!

  1. Capsule wardrobes spawned from the Paradox of Choice notion. This posits that while many think that lots of choices equates to happiness for the chooser, what actually happens is that the more choices a person has, the more likely they are to have stress and anxiety about making those choices.
  2. The hope is that fewer items in your closet means a smaller number of things for you to choose from. This leads to:
    1. more creativity in your fashion sense (you can make more outfits from less things)
    2. disabling your shopping addiction*
    3. guarantees that you love everything you’re wearing, considering that you chose to include it in your 37-item (ish) wardrobe

[Note: Alternatively you could (and should) go read about it from the master herself Caroline at, because she’s awesome.]


Here’s how it works: you pick a finite number of clothing items (a mix of tops, bottoms, dresses, outerwear, and shoes) and make your outfits for 3 months only from those items. The number of items is not important, and there aren’t many hard and fast rules for it: you control what goes in and which outfits you wear. It does not include accessories, workout clothes, underwear, etc. The big thing is that, once you plan the wardrobe, you don’t shop at all for those three months, and you only wear the items you chose.

“But Ashley, why are you doing this? You love shopping and putting together outfits and variety. Why torture yourself?”

I’m so glad you asked, anonymous reader!** I recently realized that I hadn’t integrated my sweaters into my closet yet, because there was no room. I had no space on my side of our master closet (which is approximately 80% of our closet… which isn’t small). And what’s even funnier was, except for a select few items I hadn’t missed them. So I realized that if I hadn’t missed these 20-odd items, what else was I not wearing in my (overflowing) closet? And why was I keeping stuff I didn’t wear?


And, why was I still shopping? And buying multiple things each trip that I don’t need. And maybe even that I don’t like all that much, but that fits me, so sure, throw it in the cart.

So here’s what I hope to get out of this:

  1. A pared down, more complete wardrobe that fits my style exactly
  2. A more organized and roomier closet (duh)
  3. The ability to get ready quicker in the morning
  4. A substantial pile of clothes to donate and/or sell to consignment
  5. A manageable shopping budget
  6. An all around better sense of what I like to wear, what I look good in, and what I shouldn’t throw my money away on.


So I plan to put this wardrobe together this weekend, hopefully with items that I already own or can buy quickly and cheaply on the fly from my favorite stores. I will take pictures during the experience and afterwards and share with you how everything is going.

Be on the lookout!

*What’s that you say? You don’t have a shopping addiction? Okay, well I do. My closet is stuffed with clothes and yet I walk in it all the time and get so annoyed that I have nothing to wear.

**aka voice in my head that I use for explanatory exposition


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