Chapter Two… my love for Arbonne

Good news, everyone!

It’s another blog post! And this one’s my first real one, since the last one kind of didn’t count, seeing as it was more of an introduction than content. And, lucky you, this one’s going to be on… skin care! Mainly because it’s time for me to buy more of my skin care products, so I thought I’d share the love that is my current favorite facial line ever!


Yes, yes, I know. The buy-through-a-consultant-craze is over. You hate having to order through someone. You hate not being able to run into the store and buy things to take home with you. You think it’s too expensive, and you don’t buy into the whole green/organic thing.

But this. Stuff. Is. Worth It.

Seriously – I’d developed some dryness, sensitivity, and blemish issues in the last few years (don’t believe anyone who says that you’re done with breakouts when you’re done with puberty – they’re all dirty evil liars). This stuff completely cleared my face up, made it feel silky smooth again, and evens out my skin tone.

Prior to trying Arbonne, I had begun to get semi-regular facials and buy my skincare products from the spa I went to. They used a line called Prana. Don’t get me wrong, the Prana was pretty good… but Arbonne is great! Here’s why:

  1. When you hook up with a consultant (I can give you mine’s info, if you’re looking), they’ll give you the cutest, niftiest little sample sizes of all of their stuff. I’m talking complete facial sets in slightly-smaller-than-travel-size portions to use to your heart’s desire. FOR FREE! Plus they do the same deal with their makeup, so that you can tone match to perfection.
  2. This Swiss brand has been around for a while (since 1975), and have had plenty of time to perfect their products – and they have! I have sampled quite a few of their lines, and bought the FC5 and the RE9 Advanced. I have never been disappointed.RE9 Advanced® Set from Arbonne
  3. I have never been disappointed with a purchase. Let that sink in for a bit. Think of how many times you’ve had to return purchases. Not so with this stuff.
  4. They have a 45-day money back return policy, no questions asked. So even if you use the hell out of your product every day for 44 days and decide, eh, you don’t love it – send it back! (Of course, I wouldn’t recommend doing this repeatedly, but still, the fact that you could is empowering.)
  5. They have a loyalty system that gets you 20% off every purchase. You just pay $20 per year, and that entitles you to the discount, a free item of choice, and special promotion prices whenever they come up. Then, you earn rewards that you can use for the next purchase… and trust me, you’ll want to purchase again.

I wish I had awesome before and after pictures to show you, but I wasn’t that conscientious when I tried it. The most convincing evidence you’ll get is to try it yourself – who knows your preferences better than you, after all? Plus, I’m not even getting any sort of compensation or anything for this post – I’m just showing some love to a fantastic brand that sells great products. Go to for more information.

That’s all for today!

[P.S. I apologize to my dorky followers that this isn’t more geeky in nature (besides my general nerdiness) – I’ll work on that for a future post.]


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